Helena Lekander

Singer * Composer * Artist


We Are Going To Mars

Last Ray Of The Sun

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Single Release

8th of April 2022

The cover "Whatever You Need"

Written by H.Roberts/R.Courteny

This version is produced by Robert Johansson

Mix and master by Robert Johansson

Musicians on this cover version

Robert Johansson - Drums, String Programming, Pads

Jimmy Bondesson - Base and Guitar

Alan Wiberg - Guitar

Bo Älgne - Keyboard 

Helena Lekander - Lead vocal

Choir on this cover version

Anette Mossberg

Audur Brochman

Catharina Lekander

Evelina Åberg

Helena Lekander

Julia Grenmyr

Fredrik Sernheim

Jimmy Bondesson

Lars Törnqvist

Thomas Sampson

Single released in november 2021

Helt förlorad (written by Henry Jensen)

Produced by Henry Jensen and Lars Norgren.

Recorded at studio Ramtitam, Stockholm .


Göran Lagerberg - base

Tina Ahlin - harmonica

Lars Norberg - drums

Fredrik Wännman - guitar

Henry Jensen - guitar

Helena Lekander - lead vocal

EP Part Three

On the 26th Of February 2021 my album IGNITE went live on several music platforms. The crew is trying to settle down and find some protection from radiation and sandstorms. Memories from earth and loved ones helps them to endure and stay alive in this extreme environment.

Available on Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, Deezer, TikTok, Amazon and several more stores.

My voice and development

To sing with my sisters and to be part of a group has been the best school to develop my voice and songwriting. I also had a lot of practise singing to records at home with my favourite artists when I grew up. Great singers like Withney Houston, Mariah Carey, Randy Crawford, Barbra Streisand and many more gave me a strong voice and singing skill.

Singing live on stage is a different teqnique then singing in the studio and I have had a lot of practise of  both those things through the years. If you practice every day when you are young you will build a strong foundation for the future. I still sing a lot both when I create my music at home in my studio and live on stage at different events. It`s important to train your voice all the time when you get older as well as you train your muscles in the gym.

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