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I am a singer, composer and artist who loves to create music and art. I  have a fascination for space like most people and especially for the efforts that we make to go to Mars.

In 2017 I began writing a poetic journey about going to Mars trying to imagine how it would be to leave Earth and travel to another world,  not knowing if you would ever come home again.

It is both an exciting and terryfing thought at the same time. The first part "From Earth" was released in Mars 2018 and describes the take-off from Mother Earth and the beginning of a long journey to Mars.

The 20 of december 2019 I released a second EP in the serie,  Part Two: Mars,  where our crew reaches the red planet Mars. They must survive in a harsh environment of dust and  thin atmosphere and try to build themselves a home in this  unfriendly planet not suitable for human beings.

On the 26th Of February 2021 the album IGNITE went live on several music platforms. The crew is trying to settle down and find some protection from radiation and sandstorms. Memories from earth and loved ones helps them to endure and stay alive in this extreme environment.

I am currently working on my fourth album and I`m looking forward to show it to you. Release in June 2022.

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I was born in Vadstena, Sweden as the youngest daughter of Göran and Kerstin Lekander. I have three elderly sisters - Eva-Lotta, Cristina and Catharina Lekander.

My interest in both music and painting was shown early of age when me and my sisters performed at home and put together our own shows in which we both sang and danced. I also sketched and painted as soon as I got home from school.


When I was about 12 years old two of my sisters and I started up a singing group with the name Lekander Sisters and during our entire childhood we performed on many occasions after school and we also participated in several talent competitions in weekends. We loved to be on stage and our voices sounded great together when we sang in harmony.


In 1985 we changed our name to Bel Air and participated in the Swedish Song Contest with the song "1 + 1 = 2" (written by Christer Bjärehag and Ingela Pling Forsman). We didn`t make it to the finale but we had so much fun performing our song in the competition in Malmö.

I work full time as an administrator in economy and on free time I work mostly with my music. It is time consuming to carry out an extensive project like this -  writing music and lyrics, record and create your own sound - but I really love the project "We are going to Mars" and I´m excited to see where it will take me. Charting unknown seas...


A cover song produced by Robert Johansson

Released on the 8th of April 2022