We Are Going To Mars

An imaginary journey to Mars in several parts. I`m writing music, lyrics and record it in my homestudio. Mix and Master by Robert Johansson.

Part One: From Earth

The journey beginns. The crew is getting ready to leave Earth and say goodbye to everything they hold dear on their homeplanet. Adventure awaits around the corner. They are pioneers and soldiers for all of mankind. Never have we`ve been this far out in space.

Part Two: Mars

The journey to Mars continues in Part Two were our crew finally reaches the red planet. This EP was released on December the 20th 2019.

Part Three: Ignite

Released on the 26 of February 2021.

Available on Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, Deezer, Tidal, TikTok and several other music stores online.

Part Four: Last Ray Of The Sun

Now available in music stores.


The Swedish Song Contest 1985 with the group Bel Air

The Pridefestival Stockholm,  2004 and 2005 (Bel Air)

The Pridefestival Kalmar, 2015 (Bel Air)

Svensktoppen Nästa, Kalmar 2010 and 2016

Performances at several weddings, funerals, shows and partys through the years both solo and with Bel Air but also with the coverband SoulCraft.


The Swedish Song Contest in Malmö, Sweden 1985

Helena, Catharina and Cristina Lekander

We performed the song 1 + 1 = 2 in the competition.


Performing at the releaseparty for the book "I en annan del av Åtvid".

Catharina, Cristina and Helena Lekander


The Swedish Song Contest, 1985 (Bel Air)

Cafè Norrköping 1985 (Bel Air)

Gomorron Sverige, Göteborg 1990 (Bel Air)


1 + 1 = 2, 1985, Polar

På Äventyr, 1985, Polar

Gunga Mej, 1985, Polar

We Are Going To Mars, Part One 2018, EP 

We Are Going To Mars, Part Two 2019, EP

We Are Going To Mars, Part Three 2020, EP

We Are Going To Mars, Part Four 2022, EP

Helt Förlorad, 2021, Single

Whatever You Need, 2022, Single

I sometimes help other artists with vocal parts and background singing on their albums. You can listen to the songs on Spotify  (Just search on the artists name).

Jeanette Hellström 2020

Love is Fire

Tony Strandberg 2018

Min sommarsång

Så många mil

Orden som min mor sa

Om imorgon inte kom

När ljusen skall tändas därhemma

Kent Fernström, EP 2017

In the Getto

Suspicious Mind

The Wonder Of You

Just Pretend

On July 22 my EP We Are Going To Mars, Part Four, Last Ray Of The Sun is available on music stores.

Hope you enjoy and thank you for visiting my website.


I am a creative person and besides composing music I also make jewellerys and other beautiful things with Pearls & Treads . Have a look!

Painting and sketching is also one of my favourite thing. Take a look at my Art Gallery.


I like writing...

To look upon the world in different perspective and discover the little things that can make you happy or sad...

When I was younger I wrote some poems and I will continue this tradition of mine. I have created a poem collection called "In The Ocean of a Sea". Go to Poetry to find the first poem in my collection called "Music".